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Yichang High-tech Zone leaders come to visit our company

2020-08-20 10:27:54Source of article:原创文章

 July 23, 2020, yichang leadership innovation quality platform structures to attract foreign investment in the zone and the high-tech industrial park, to wuhan wuhan representative of three companies, the first visit to the science and technology is our easy system, leaders first visited our production shop, easy system Wu Shuzhou, general manager of science and technology for the reception, mr.wu sand mold equipment, metal and other equipment are introduced, and after a brief introduction of equipment, led leaders visited the company's research and development center, the r&d center of 3 d printing industry has carried on the simple analysis, has carried on the forecast to the development of industry, yichang high-tech leadership has great interest on the 3 dp, The development prospect of this industry is also very optimistic.