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Students from Shannan city in Tibet visited EasyMFG, appreciating the charming of 3D printing technology

2022-01-18 15:02:46Source of article:EasyMFG

  In 2022/1/14, with the assistance of leaders in the high-tech zone, students from Shannan city in Tibet visited EasyMFG, where they touched the cutting-edge binder jetting 3D printing and felt the charm of technological innovation.

  It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar! As for this student visit from Shannan city in Tibet, EasyMFG warmly received them from afar. We led them to visit the 3d printing workshop, samples display hall, detailing the process of self-developed binder jetting metal 3d printing, such as 3d printing, curing, depowdering, and high-temperature sintering. During the visit, students have a deeper and more intuitive understanding of 3d printing through understanding the technological process of each step.

students visit EasyMFG

  Albeit it was not a long visit, EasyMFG fully showcased a stereo 3-dimensional space, irritating the curiosity and imagination of students.

  I have heard a saying before, "Imagination is the touchstone of human ability. It is by the imagination that man conquers the world." It is very important to foster students' imagination. And 3D printing is the magic that allows students to connect imagination, technology, and the future.

  EasyMFG welcomes more people to visit our company!