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Introduction of 3 printing file formats supported by EasyMFG 3D printing system

2021-12-20 10:20:31Source of article:EasyMFG

At present, the printer system used by all EasyMFG 3D printers is a software independently developed by us, which supports online slicing, data processing, and machine printing control.


Advants of Self-developed software

The 3D printer file format is used as an information carrier to encode the appearance, geometry, scene and animation of the 3D model, so that the 3D printer can read the printable 3D model. What are the print file formats supported by the EasyMFG printing system, and what are their characteristics?

3 printing file formats supported by EasyMFG 3D printing system

1. STL

STL file format (abbreviation of stereolithography) is a three-dimensional graphics file format developed by 3D SYSTEMS for rapid prototyping technology in 1988.

STL files are different from some other feature-based solid models. STL uses triangular meshes to represent 3D CAD models. It can only describe the geometric information of 3D objects. Information such as colorants is not supported. STL is a simplified version of the 3D model.

Thanks to simplified data and simple format, STL quickly gained popularity. With the rapid rise of 3D SYSTEMS, STL has become the de facto data standard for rapid prototyping systems. There are two types of STL files: text files (ASCII format) and binary files (BINARY). In contrast, the ASCII format is more versatile.



VRML stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Compared with STL, it is the latest file format. It can only store one UV color model at a time, which makes it suitable for color 3D models. It is not as popular as STL, but it provides color-related information, which makes it more useful when dealing with color models.

3. 3MF

3MF is a new 3D printing format launched by Microsoft in 2015. Compared with the STL format, the 3MF file format can describe 3D models more completely. In addition to geometric information, it can also maintain internal information, colors, materials, textures, and other features. 3MF is also an extensible data format based on XML. For consumer end users, most well-known 3D printer brands such as Microsoft, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Netfabb, SLM, HP and Shapeways can support this file format, so it is easy to get as much support as possible.