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The First Affiliated Hospital of Anyi University independently carried out the application of 3D printing technology in surgical treatment for the first time

2021-12-10 08:42:01Source of article:EasyMFG

  Recently, the Clinical Digital Medicine Transformation Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University took the lead in Anhui province to independently design and use 3D printing technology to complete the production of 3D printed skull model + oral occlusion and fracture reduction guide, and use it for a case of mandible in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Surgical treatment of patients with comminuted bone fractures.

  The 3D printing technology is to print out the patient's head model from the patient's CT data to visually display the fracture situation, which is conducive to the determination of the fixed position of the internal fixation device in the surgical plan. It saves the time required to shape the titanium plate during the operation, makes the titanium plate fit the bone surface more closely, and makes the operation more precise and minimally invasive.

Skull model prepared for 3D printing

  A 65-year-old Mr. Wang from Huainan was sent to the First Affiliated Hospital of An Medical University for emergency treatment due to accidental fall after riding a bicycle. The patient's vital signs were stabilized after multidisciplinary treatments including oral and maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, and emergency surgery. After the patient's general condition improved, he was transferred to oral and maxillofacial surgery for treatment of multiple maxillofacial fractures.

  Under the guidance of the post-army director of the Department of Stomatology, the clinical digital medicine transformation center team processed the patient’s maxillofacial CT data, performed virtual fracture reduction, reconstructed the fracture end, designed the reconstructed head mold, and performed surgical guides and guides on this basis. The design of the bite guide. Use 3D printing technology to make head molds and guide plates.

skull model printed by 3d printer

  During the operation, before the operation, the Houjun and Xue Haowei medical team used the 3D printing head mold to refine the patient's surgical plan, and the head mold was used to preform the titanium plate. Accurate, minimally invasive, and rapid surgical treatment was performed on the patient through the bite guide and the surgical guide.