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What are the advantages of 3D technology printing pumps for enterprises?

2021-12-02 16:19:35Source of article:EasyMFG

With the optimization of the process and the mechanical properties of raw materials, 3D printing technology can already meet the requirements of pump valve manufacturers. Manufacturing pump components is an expensive process, 3D printing technology greatly saves economic and actual costs, and provides a perfect solution for enterprises.

one part of pump printed by Easy3DP-M500 metal 3d printer
one part of pump printed by Easy3DP-M500 metal 3d printer

The market's demand for products with complex geometric shapes, high energy efficiency, and high cost-effectiveness has also driven pump valve manufacturers to use 3D printing technology to develop new products. What are the advantages of EasyMFG's new binder jet 3D printer for pump and hydraulic companies?

 ● Improve the ability and speed of enterprise innovation design

Direct printing of 3D drawings is simple, convenient and fast, no need to consider the craft; modify the pictures as needed at any time and print again.

 ● Reduce the cost of the company's products while maintaining accuracy

The products printed by EasyMFG's metal and sand 3D printers have controllable precision, meet acceptance standards, and are low in cost;

 ● Improved the speed and efficiency of product manufacturing

From the start of printing to finished parts, the entire process takes only a few hours to more than ten hours;

 ● Improved product confidentiality

By purchasing a 3D printer, the enterprise can directly print samples by itself, which increases confidentiality, reduces the cost of outsourcing and shortens the time.