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EasyMFG: When binder jet 3D printing meets art sculpture

2021-11-26 13:50:48Source of article:EasyMFG

Challenges in traditional sculpture craft

Traditional sculpture craft varies according to materials and needs, and the same characteristic lies in the "traditional industrial production mode".

Human sculpture printed by sand 3D printer without post-treatment
Human sculpture printed by our sand 3D printer without post-treatment

Take copper sculpture process as an example: clay sculpture carving, duplicate a plaster mold, duplicate wax mold, proportioning copper smelting, investment casting, grinding sand removal, process coloring, finished products, packaging, surface treatment, etc.

The above steps are the basic flow of sculpture. It omits many processes and details, in which there are many details and processes need professionals to complete, a little careless will cause rework and waste. It is difficult to complete without professional experience.

What are the advantages of binder jetting sand 3D printing technology (AKA 3DP)?

 ● Large forming size: It can break through the size limit of the sand mold, and the maximum printable shape is several meters in size, and the precision is up to 0.5mm.

 ● High efficiency: It is tens of times higher than other 3D printing processes, which has advantages for large-volume cultural relics replication.

 ● Good performance: The powder is made of silica sand or artificial sand, which can reach cement strength after treatment, which can support split assembly and transportation along the way. The texture of sand itself can also reflect the primitive features of sculpture and other works of art.

Animal sculpture printed by full-color 3D printer without post-treatment
Animal sculpture printed by full-color 3D printer without post-treatment

EasyMFG helps to achieve replication of cultural relics and artwork creation

Although the binder jetting process was developed to be applied to the foundry industry,it is playing an important role in the field of cultural relic reproduction and art creation.

After years of research and development, EasyMFG has overcome technical problems.

such as casting 3D printing materials, process, software and equipment etc.

Meanwhile, through design innovation and post-processing technology innovation, EasyMFG has made breakthroughs in art sculpture and other fields.

One of our Easy3DP-S2200 sand 3d printer
One of our Easy3DP-S2200 sand 3d printer

EASY3DP-S2200, the maximum building size is 2200x1000x1000 mm, the capacity can reach 1-2 tons/day only running a single equipment. Combined with post processing, a week can deliver about 1 ton of sculpture products, with industrialization ability.

Digital manufacturing

Based on the new mode of digital manufacturing, the data can be used for multiple production, development of peripheral and derivative products, local damage repair, and realize the protection of cultural relics and the development and manufacture of new crafts.

Binder jetting sand 3D printing has great potential in the field of cultural relic reproduction and artwork creation

Traditional sculpture industry is a typical labor-intensive industry with high pollution, poor operating environment, long manufacturing cycle, as well as the production is limited to artisans and craftsmen.

Lion sculpture printed by full-color 3D printer without post-treatment
Lion sculpture printed by full-color 3D printer without post-treatment

Featured by fast speed, low cost, high flexibility, high precision, no need for molds, and short technological process, binder jetting sand 3D printing is favored by designers and artists. After post-treatment, the printed sand parts are in high strength, corrosion- resistance and waterproofness. EasyMFG puts forward a new solution for the industrial application of sculpture industry.

It eliminates the traditional sculpture industry in mold making, mold turning and other processes, effectively improve the production efficiency; At the same time, based on the characteristics of digital production to release the inventory pressure, reduce the cost, but also reduce the dependence on artisans; Compared with the investment casting technology of 3D printing, BJ can realize the direct manufacture of stone carvings and other artworks, which will further save time and cost.