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What are the advantages of 3D printing technology in the aerospace field?

2021-11-26 09:44:18Source of article:EasyMFG

As early as a few years ago, 3D printing was already on the way to application in the aviation field. In fact, the demand for rapid manufacturing of complex precision components in the aerospace industry, the demand for cost reduction and efficiency increase of expensive materials, the demand for light weight of heavy materials, and the demand for material strength are all calling for new manufacturing technologies and concepts.

Rotor parts printed  by our 3d printer
Rotor parts printed  by our 3d printer

The many significant advantages of 3D printing can better adapt to the requirements of product manufacturing in the aerospace field, so it shines in this field. The advantages of 3D printing technology in the aerospace field mainly include the following points.

• cost reduction

• rapid prototyping

• improvement of design freedom

• improvement of product manufacturing efficiency