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Product Details

Equipment Model Easy3DP-G450
Build Box 450mm×220mmx300mm
External Dimensions 1275mmx825mmx1465mm
Precision ±0.1mm(L﹤100mm)or ±0.1%(L﹤100mm)
Printing Speed 30-150 s/per layer
Layer Height 0.1-0.2(Can be adjustable)
Printheads one piezoelectric printheads(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs)
Specicification for printheads piezoelectric printheads,6 channels,the resolution for each channel is 180DPI
File Format STL,3MF
Electrical Requirements Single phase,220V,10A,50HZ
Powder types gypsum


Application Fields

 ● R&D,education and teaching

 ● Artistic sculpture

 ● Industrial design

 ● Architecture and home design

 ● Geospatial display

 ● Medical assistance


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