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2021-11-24 15:11:06Source of article:EasyMFG

Product  Images 

Easy3DP-M500 Front view


Product Details

Equipment Model Easy3DP-M500
Build Box 500mm×450mmx400mm
External Dimensions 1480mmx1175mmx1730mm
Layer Height 0.04mm-0.2mm(Can be adjustable)
Printing Speed 7-25 s/per layer
File Format STL,3MF
Electrical Requirements Single-phase,220V,10A,50HZ
Printheads One piezoelectric printhead(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs)
Specicification for printheads Length≥50mm,resolution:600DPI
Powder types Iron-based powder,copper powder,stainless steel powder


Application Fields

 ● Molds and Cores,such as shoe sole molds, water faucet;

 ● Automobile,

 ● MIM,

 ● Aerospace