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Use Metal Binder jetting 3D Printing Technology to Print Clubhead

2021-11-23 11:23:59Source of article:EasyMFG

Born out of a far-sighted insight, a factory who produces golf equipment chooses EasyMFG as its partner to pioneer 3d printing in golf on account of the competitive edges that binder jetting technology brought about over conventional manufacturing and other 3d printing means.

With faster manufacturing time, and greater design flexibility, the factory could be able to design, prototype, and test multiple iterations and launch the perfect product to market much quicker than conventional manufacturing means.

Binder jetting technology could deliver excellent part quality and requires minimal post-processing steps, which greatly bring huge cost benefits.

The head is printed using 316 stainless steel, and then sintered into a high temperature vacuum furnace to get the final part.

Due to the marvelous capabilities that binder jetting printing has, the designer is able to print complicated structures without considering shape limits- a manufacturing advantage that couldn’t be realized using casting or forging conventionally.

Finally, the surfaces are polished to ensure good-looking cosmetic.

By leveraging the advantages of design and manufacturing of EasyMFG’ binder jetting technology, the performances of golf equipment will be brought into a new level in history.