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EasyMFG M500 Binder Jetting Metal 3d Printer Solution of MIM

2021-11-22 13:38:39Source of article:EasyMFG

Hate expensive tooling?

How to improve design flexibility or freedom?

Long lead time to produce complex metal parts?

“EasyMFG M500 binder jetting metal 3d printer is your solution!”

EasyMFG M500 binder jetting metal 3d printer

Customer pain points

As all know, the tools for MIM is expensive and lead time is around 10 weeks, it limits the possibility to rapidly drive the development of new products for customer evaluation.

MIN sample 1


●  No additional tooling, no tooling cost

●  High speed: deliver the products within several days

●  Highly complex geometry viable

●  greater design flexibility or freedom

●  Metal powders are very similar to MIM, can share the sintering furnaces

MIN sample 2


Using EasyMFG M500, MIM manufacturers can deliver the samples to customers within several days at low cost after receiving the inquiry from customers which will bring more high-volume order.

About EasyMFG

EasyMFG has been the leading manufacturer focusing on binder jetting metal 3d printer, as well as solutions providers on metalworking processes since 2013.