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Binder Jetting 3D Printing System

2021-11-15 15:25:43Source of article:EasyMFG

Self-developed Software

  •High speed slicing: Based on the geometric topology, the slicing speed is faster

  •Slice on line: Can modify the printing parameters in real time

  •Online RIP: Can fine control ink drops.

  •Free software upgrades


Print head control card

The print head control card mainly drives the print head, which is connected with the computer by network cable and has high long-term stability.

The binder supply system mainly provides continuous and stable binder and cleaning functions, including binder supply, filter and pressure control modules, and binder shortage alarm;


Print head integrated card


Can integrate four print heads.




In addition to the above software and control cards, EasyMFG can design control systems, and provide OEM customization of various accessories, debugging of the whole machine, etc.

The system is a functional modular design, each movement can be a single step. The developers can design a combination of various functions, even professional users can adjust the waveform to adapt to different binders. Teams with basic control skills can make metal 3d printers; Teams who have material development ability can develop material and process improvement on this basis; Teams with industrial design ability can also beautify the appearance of the printer.