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China's first binder jetting metal 3D printer released

2019-08-25 10:24:15Source of article:EasyMFG

On August 25, EasyMFG solemnly released China's first binder jetting metal 3D printer in Wuhan city, attracting numerous enterprises in aerospace, shipbuilding, mold, casting, automobile, construction, and other fields from all over the country to visit. Binder jetting 3d printing has enabled the manufacturing industry to obtain a low-cost and high-efficiency production method, and the atmosphere of the on-site discussion is very strong.

Some entrepreneurs hoped that the binder jetting metal 3D printing technology can be applied in many fields such as medical treatment and biology. Experts from all walks of life at the meeting made an in-depth analysis of the application fields and hoped that EasyMFG could make the binder jetting metal 3D printers into the next generation of CNC machine tools and use this new technology in a large area.

Reghunath, a customer from India, decided to buy a binder jetting metal 3D printer on the spot after the exhibition. After negotiation, a purchase contract and an agency agreement were signed with EasyMFG. Mr. Reghunath will act as the agent of EasyMFG in India, while carrying out technical services, he will also promote the brand "EasyMFG" to the Indian market. Opportunities and challenges coexist, and EasyMFG has overcome difficulties and challenges in the era of Made in China and led the domestic 3D printing technology to the international stage.

Compared to the imported equipment, the binder jetting metal 3d printer released this time has an absolute cost advantage. This is the result of EasyMFG's continuous efforts.

Another highlight of this launch event is the open-source release of binder jetting full-color 3d printers. EasyMFG welcomes everyone to participate in the later development and production of binder jet 3D printing technology. You can get all the drawings, software, hardware, etc. of our existing economical full-color 3D printers for direct production and assembly, or you can use these drawings as a design basis to re-plan and design new models.

The event was a complete success. After the launch event, there were still a large number of guests who did not leave and came to the workshop to observe the printing process of the equipment. The workshop was instantly overcrowded and full of people. For the newly emerging technology of binder jetting metal 3d printing, most people prefer to witness it with their own eyes, but also raises a lot of doubts.

Cai Daosheng, the CEO of EasyMFG, led a team to answer the questions on the spot for entrepreneurs