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China's first Binder jetting metal 3D printer released

2019-08-25 10:24:15Source of article:EasyMFG

The first binder jetting metal 3D printer from EASYMFG makes its first debut on August 25th. This event has attracted different people from different industries all over the world, such as aerospace、ship、mold、casting、automobile、construction and etc.

Microdrop injection technology promotes the manufacturing industry to obtain low cost and high efficiency production mode, which makes the atmosphere of field discussion very strong.

Another group of entrepreneurs hope that micro-drop injection metal 3D printing technology can be used in medical、biological and many other fields. Experts from all sides of the meeting made a deep analysis of the application layer. Looking forward to the future, EASYMFG hopes to print the micro-drop jet metal 3D into the next generation of CNC machine tools, and use this new technology in a large area.

Customers from India Mr. Reghunath, decided to buy a binder jetting 3D printer after the exhibition, and signed a purchase contract and agency agreement with EASYMFG. Mr. Reghunath will act as an agent of EASYMFG in India, while carrying out technical services, will also bring "EASYMFG" brand to the Indian market. Opportunities and challenges coexist, under the background of the big era made in China, EASYMFG, leading the domestic 3D printing technology to the international stage.

Compared to the imported equipment, the new launched binder jetting metal printer is competitively priced. This is the result of the continuous efforts of EASYMFG, but also the best performance of equipment practicability.

Binder jetting Metal 3D Printer

Equipment Model Easy3DP-M500 Easy3DP-M450
Build Box 500×450×400 (mm) 450×220×300 (mm)
External Dimensions 1480×1175×1730 (mm) 1275×825×1465 (mm)
Layer Height 0.04-0.2mm (Can be adjustable)
Printing Speed 7~25s/per layer
File format STL、3MF
Electrical Requirements Single phase,220V,10A,50HZ
No. of Printheads one piezoelectric printhead(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs)
Specicification for printheads Length≥50mm,resolution: 600DPI
Powder types

Iron-based powder, copper, stainless steel

Another highlight of this conference is the open source release of 3D full color printers. EASYMFG welcomes you to participate in the research and development and production of binder jetting 3D printing technology.

You can get all the drawings、software、hardward and other direct production and assembly of our existing economical full color 3D printer for free. These files can also be used as the basis for design, re-planning and designing new models.

 This event was a complete success, and a large number of guests remained after the meeting. One after another came to the workshop to watch the equipment printing process. The workshop was filled with people because they would prefer to be able to witness this new innovative technology. Of course, they also raised a lot of doubts.

On the left: Answer questions for visitors

On the right: The unsintered gear was just printed out

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