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Full-color printing equipment

2020-08-31 16:23:54Source of article:原创文章

Forming principle:

      The device USES the droplet spray forming technology, through the array type nozzle will be different colors of ink and adhesive will be parts of cross section on "printing" in the gypsum powder prepared in advance, after repeatedly "printing" finally give a three-dimensional full color parts, and then through the post-processing and can present a vivid picture of full color product.


Technical Features:


Full color 3D printing with gradient can be realized. Full-color printing can perfectly reflect the designer's design intention in color;


Large print format. The 450x220x300mm large screen can meet the basic design printing needs, and can also be customized larger screen.


Sprinkler head is not easy to plug, long life. The use of accurate inkjet system, working within the normal application range, can ensure the rapid injection printing nozzle without blocking the long service life;


Not easy to block, crash. Real-time online slicing technology, faster data processing, does not occupy the computer memory;


Independent intellectual property rights. All the software of the system are developed by our company.




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