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Full-color printing equipment

2021-03-17 16:23:54Source of article:EasyMFG

Binder Jetting Process

The binder jetting process uses two materialsa powder based material and a binder. The binder acts as an adhesive between powder layers. The binder is usually in liquid form and the build material in powder form. A print head moves horizontally along the x and y axes of the machine and deposits alternating layers of the build material and the binding material. After each layer, the object being printed is lowered on its build platform.


What is multicolor 3D printing?

We call multicolor 3D printing or "full color" 3D printing a process in which the colors are directly applied in the object while it is 3D printed, and that allows color combinations, just like a paper 2D printer allows color combinations, with several colored inks.


Equipment Introduction

   Our equipment uses binder jetting technology to print the part in multicolor, through the control of ink amount in the array-type nozzles. After printing each sliced section layer by layer, a completed object will be finished.


System Benefits


1) Designed to reliably produce parts with multi-color gradient

2) No support structures, unbound material supports the printed parts

3) Independent intellectual property rights, self-developed software

4) Real time slicing and RIP algorithms for layered manufacturing. Can adjust the technological parameter freely

5) Exquisite colorfull model


Equipment Model Easy3DP-G450
Build Box(mm) 450×220×300
External Dimensions(mm) 1275×825×1465
Precision ±0.1mm(L≤100mm)or ±0.1%(L>100mm)
Printing Speed 30-150S/per layer
Layer Height(mm) 0.1-0.2(Can be adjustable)
Powder feeding method Transfer the powder from the storage chamber to the printing chamber 
Printheads one piezoelectric printhead(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs)
Specification for printheads piezoelectric printheads, 6 channel, the resolution for each channel is 180DPI
File format STL、3MF
Electrical Requirements Single phase, 220V, 10A, 50HZ
Powder types gypsum


    Art and industrial design, architecture and home design, geospatial display, medical assistance, creative entertainment, education and teaching, etc.