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Sand printing equipment

2020-08-31 16:21:13Source of article:原创文章

Molding technology:

     The device USES a micro-drop injection molding technology, through the array sprinkler will be adhesive parts of the section on the pre - laid sand, repeated several times, the final "printing" a sand - shaped part.


Equipment features:

Large molding space. Maximum forming space: 2000×1200×600mm, which can meet most sand mold casting;


◆ Fast forming speed. Depending on the number of sprinkler heads, onepASS printing can be realized. Meanwhile, it is compatible with multi-pass printing. One layer can be printed in 10-50 seconds.


◆ Forming material is wide. Quartz sand, pearl sand and other raw sand and coated sand can be used as printing materials;


Good compatibility with sand. Synchronous waterfall powder feeder is compatible with sand of different particle sizes.


Sprinkler head is not easy to plug, long life. The use of accurate inkjet system, working within the normal application range, can ensure the rapid injection printing nozzle without blocking the long service life;


Not easy to jam, crash. Real-time online slicing technology, faster data processing does not occupy the computer memory;



◆ Independent intellectual property rights. All the software of the system are developed by our company.



      sand casting, such as: light metal, nonferrous metal cast iron, cast iron and cast steel, etc.