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Sand printing equipment

2021-03-17 16:21:13Source of article:EasyMFG

Binder Jetting Process

The binder jetting process uses two materialsa powder based material and a binder. The binder acts as an adhesive between powder layers. The binder is usually in liquid form and the build material in powder form. A print head moves horizontally along the x and y axes of the machine and deposits alternating layers of the build material and the binding material. After each layer, the object being printed is lowered on its build platform.

Sand 3D Printers

Sand 3D printers from EasyMFG support sand casting applications across industries, providing an enhanced design methodology for their product development.

As the leader in binder jetting sand 3D printing, EasyMFG offers solutions for complex and increasing customer demands that cannot be realized by any other conventional production process.

System Benefits


1) The print head is not easy to clog, auto clean function


2) Waterfall type powder feeder can be compatible with multiple sands


3) Real time slicing and RIP algorithms for layered manufacturing. Can adjust the technological parameter freely


4) Independent intellectual property rights, self-developed software


5) Fine tune the dosage of binder


6) Mix the hardener into the sand while running


     Technical Specifications


Equipment Model Easy3DP-S2200 Easy3DP-S1200 Easy3DP-S500 Easy3DP-S450
Build Box(mm) 2200x1000x1000 1200x600x600 500x450x400 450x220x300
External Dimensions(mm) 4400x2050x1900 2300x1250x1800 1480x1175x1730 1275x825x1465
Precision ±0.2mm(L≤200mm)or ±0.1%(L >200mm)
Tensile Strength 1-4Mpa
Surface roughness Be superior to Ra12.5
Gas Evolution Rate 12-20ml/g(850°C)
Printing Speed 10-50S/per layer 7-25S/per layer
Layer Height(mm) 0.1-0.5 (Can be adjustable)
Printheads four piezoelectric printheads(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs) two piezoelectric printheads(Can be equipped with up to 8pcs) one piezoelectric printhead
Specification for printheads length=72mm; resolution: 360DPI
File format STL、3MF
Electrical Requirements Three-phase, 380V, 16A, 50HZ Single-phase, 220V, 10, 50HZ
Powder types Silica sand, quartz sand, precoated sand,etc.




Sand casting, such as light metal, nonferrous metal cast iron, cast iron and cast steel

Industry sample printer by our binder jet sand 3d printer