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Metal printing equipment

2020-08-31 16:18:31Source of article:原创文章

Forming principle:


The device adopts micro-drop injection molding technology. Metal adhesive is used to "print" the section of the part on the pre-laid metal powder through the array sprinkler head. After repeated for many times, a THREE-DIMENSIONAL metal part is finally "printed", and then the finished metal part with good mechanical properties is finally formed through defatting and sintering process.


Technical characteristics:


Large forming space. Maximum forming space: 500mm × 450mm ×400mm, larger than similar products at home and abroad, and can be customized with larger specifications;


 Fast forming speed. Array nozzle from line to surface jet bonding, wide material, low cost. Can print all kinds of metal material powder, material requirements are not high; Greatly save the cost of metal materials;


Sprinkler head is not easy to plug, long life. With automatic moisturizing and cleaning functions.


◆ Good rigidity of machine tool. The aluminum alloy profile structure ensures the precision and operation performance of the machine. Real-time online slicing technology, faster data processing does not occupy the computer memory; It's not easy to get stuck and crash.


◆ Independent intellectual property rights. All the software of the system are developed by our company.


Application fields: mold, automobile, aerospace, ship, etc.