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Binder jetting 3D printing is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary technology, involving machinery, software, automatic control, material(including binders and powders) and post-processing. EasyMFG’s technology is open, and cooperation is open. So a selective way of cooperation can be provided to a number of research and development institutions. Meanwhile, EasyMFG is willing to share the past experiences to the public.

Teams with basic automatic control skills can develop binder jetting 3D printers;
Teams with material development capability can conduct the material development and process improvement on this basis;
Teams with industrial design expertise can beautify the cosmetic of the printers.
The vision for EasyMFG is that, in the future, a bunch of teams and enterprises concerning binder jetting metal 3D printers will emerge . Some will develop the equipment, some will upgrade the software, some will develop materials, some will search for applications. The industrial chain will be gradually enriched and the industry will boom.

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