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Learn a little bit more about Binder Jetting 3D printing, and EasyMFG.

Read our FAQs section below.

General Inquiries

Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer focusing on metal 3d printers, sand 3d printers and full-color 3d printers using binder jetting technology.

How does EasyMFG binder jet process work?

Binder jet is one of additive manufacturing technology. EasyMFG builds the parts from the bottom up. The print head moves over the build platform, depositing droplets of a binding agent onto layers of the powder, one layer at a time. Through this process, the particles are bound together to create a part.

Can you do OEM customization?

Yes, we can customize the machine based on the requirements of our customers.

How long will be your delivery time?

It's usually 30-45days. Actually we have some stock in our manufacturing factory, will be discussed based on the actual situation.

How does your company handle quality control?

Quality is the most important:

all the powders and binders we use are environmentally friendly;

skilled workers care about every detail in the production and packaging process;

quality control department is responsible for quality inspection.

How durable are 3D printed components?

It depends on the material choices. For stainless steel, tensile strength range from 400 to 900Mpa, with hardness levels of 20~40HRc.

What about the surface quality?

It depends on the particle sizes and shapes of the powder you choose. Through post-processing such as polishing, coating, etc, the surface quality can be improved.

What kind of tolerance can you meet?

For sand 3D printer, EasyMFG can achieve printing tolerances of ±0.3mm;For metal 3D printer, EasyMFG can achieve accuracies of ±0.1mm (L<100mm)or ±0.1% (L>200mm)

Can more than one part be printed simultaneously?

Yes. The software will allow for as many parts as can fit within the build box, and each can be different or fully customized. This maximizes time and minimizes waste. It takes as long to print one part as it does to print multiple parts in the build box.

Are other materials available?

Yes. More metal powders are currently in R&D process. You can tell me about the specific needs, and EasyMFG will evaluate the feasibility.

What about your after-sales service?

EasyMFG has very professional technical personnel who can support efficient service. EasyMFG will react within 24 hours, troubleshooting with 72 hours.

EasyMFG provides customized training program for installation and maintenance.

What are the benefits of binder jet 3D printing for production?

The binder jetting technology from EasyMFG offers many advantages over traditional manufacturing, other types of additive manufacturing technology in the market:

Fast speed;

Low cost;

Flexibility: Can print parts in a variety of powder materials;

No support structures;

Rapid design changes;

Excellent design freedom.

Any More Questions

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