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Binder Jetting Full-color 3D Printers

EasyMFG started to develop full-color 3D printer in 2013, and successfully made its debut for the first time in 2015, rating as "the Most Innovative Enterprise" and "Top Ten Most Popular 3D Printing Enterprises in 2015" by the Chinese 3D printing industry media.

Full-color models are printed using gypsum powder. The printhead deposits a colored binder to the powder bed. Binders with different colors can be combined to produce a very large array of colors, making realistic, exquisite colorful parts.

Technical Advantages

• Designed to reliably produce parts with multi-color gradient

• No support structures, unbound material supports the printed parts

• Independent intellectual property rights, self-developed software

• Real time slicing and RIP algorithms for layered manufacturing. Can adjust the technological parameter freely

• Exquisite colorful model