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about us



WUHAN EASYMADE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a new high-tech enterprise which focus on 3DP technology and develop mass production for R&D and application of 3D Printing technology, provide complete and cohesive solutions. EASYMADE based on the rapid manufacturing center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology as technical support and It is also the strategic partner for China material Manufacturing (3D Printing) Industry Promotion Project  of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology .


The company's core team originated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, deeply routed in 3D printing industry for more than 20 years, Won The Second Prize Of National Technology Invention, First Prize Of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province and A number of provincial and ministerial awards. Presided over and participated in many National "863" Major Projects, National Key R&D Programs, National Numerical Control Major Projects, National Support Programs, Major Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects of Hubei Province and mastered a variety of mainstream 3D printing related technology, such as SLS, SLM, SLA. Has accumulated a long-term good foundation in 3 printing related core technology .


The main products of EASYMADE are high-speed production Binder Jetting Metal 3D Printing System, and Binder Jetting Sand 3D Printer and Binder Jetting Full Color 3D Printer which oriented foundry industry. The latest core product, Binder jetting metal 3D printing system was first applied in China. This technology was rated as the top ten breakthrough technologies in the world in 2018 by MIT Technology Review, which technology can quickly and cheaply make large metal parts, which may bring disruptive changes in manufacturing industry.